Why “Sarapadee”

Sarapadee was a Thai word meaning “Prosperity”, everything you undertake in life will go well and smooth.

Sarapadee Thai Buddhist Amulets only introduce mainstream Thai Amulets to our customers. All the amulets was blessed by Thai Guru monks with high level of meditation power in order wearer to own it and help our customers in their daily life.

Our Sale Teams has more than 20 years experiance in Thai Amulets with well knowledge of Chinese Metaphysical. He can base on what you required and introduce a amulets which is suitable for you.

Sarapadee 是一个分享泰国佛牌珍藏的平台。泰语Sarapadee代表兴旺,让你无论做什么事情都能顺顺利利,如你所愿之意。