Introduction of Nawak 九宝铜

九宝铜:In Thai amulets world, we always heard about Nakwak material. So what actual these type of material consist of:-

1) Gold (Thong) 金
2) Silver (Ngern) 银
3) Copper (Thong Daeng) 铜
4) Mercury (Pelot) 水银
5) Lead (Te-Gua) 铅
6) Zinc (Sankasi) 锌
7) Tin (Pina-tang) 锡
8) Iron (Lek-Lai) 硫铁
9) Nickel (Nickel) 镍

Every materials have their own positive properties.

1) Gold is the most valuable material in the world. This is why gold into the metal alloy when making nakwak amulets. Its can absorb the vibration chanted by gurus and also represent ‘wealth’.

2) Silver represent holiness, good personality etc.

3) Copper used for repel those negative energy. This is why copper was the main material used for manufacturing Buddha Images & statues. “铜”可以把负磁场或负能量反弹出去,所以铜是用来督造佛像的主要原料。

4) Mercury has the properties to avoid poison creature for harming. This is why many Temples and master using this material for making Pidta and Bia Gae.

5) Lead has the properties to avoid all dangers.

6) Zinc is use to made nail when building Pagoda. Positive sprite or energy like to fall into zinc material.

7) Tin is use for avoid accident or danger.

8) Iron (Lek-Lai) has a magnetic properties to attract wealth and good personality (metta maha-niyom).

9) Nickel (Nickel) is the material used for making coins (money). Therefor it has the properties of wealth and rich.